Neue CD: Christian Elsässer & hr-Bigband »Rise & Arrive« HR CoverCD-Release Konzerte: 16. & 17. April 2013, Christian Elsässer & hr-Bigband, Frankfurt / hr-Hörfunkstudio II

NEUE CD: Christian Elsässer & hr-Bigband »Rise & Arrive«
CD-Release Konzerte 16. & 17. April 2013

Am 16. April 2013 erscheint Christian Elsässers neue CD in Zusammenarbeit mit der hr-Bigband. Herzstück des Albums ist die 45-minütige Suite »Tides« die Christian Elsässers verstorbenem Vater gewidmet ist. Chefdirigent Jim McNeely über das Album: »Christian Elsässer has written three beautiful, expansive pieces inspired by the power, beauty and majesty of the tides to reflect the memories of his father. Each piece has its own unique atmosphere, its own shape. There is the lyricism of Clouded Sunbeams, the powerful swing of Overturning Oceans, and the slowly building shapes of Rise & Arrive. And it is all played so beautifully by the hr-Bigband, an ensemble I know quite a lot about! Christian masterfully tailors each piece to the soloists and ensemble players of the band. The composing, arranging and playing add up to a wonderful musical experience. Congratulations, Christian! I trust that we will be hearing more from you.«
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